🎄How To Grill Up the Best Xmas Skewers🎄

🎄 Christmas skewers are here! They've got a great look, great flavor, and they bring the Christmas spirit right to the forefront!

📷Couldn't help but sneak a bite while taking pictures! It smells so good.
It's so easy to make at home ‼️

🎄Christmas tree: cowpeas ➕yellow colored peppers

⛄️ snowman skewers: portobello mushrooms ➕ luncheon meat

🍢Colorful Pepper Skewers: Colorful pepper ➕ meats that you love 🥩

🧸 Gingerbread men: mashed chicken breasts

Grill skewers: Brush the surface of the skewers with oil and sprinkle with cumin chili noodles and sesame seeds, remember to sprinkle salt on ingredients that are not seasoned with salt!

Emoji are made of seaweed paste, you can roast the skewer first and then add emoji ❗️