🔥Dessert Recipe | Chocolate Mousse Cup with Roasted Egg White and Chestnut🌰🍫

Share with you a dessert that is especially suitable for winter ~

Anyone can make it easily with a cup! This dessert has a rich 🌰 and 🍫 flavor and you will definitely love it!

Credit: Crazy go

Chocolate Mousse Recipe:
Instant chestnut kernel 60g
Fine sugar 30g
A little vanilla paste
Light cream 150ml
Milk 50ml
65% chocolate 80g
Cocoa powder 10g
Gelatine 5g

Meringue Recipe:
Egg white 60g (about two eggs)
Fine sugar 60g
Lemon juice a little
Chopped chestnuts a little
Cinnamon powder 1g
Two cinnamon

Steps to follow:

❶Soak the gelatine slices in ice water until soft. Blend instant chestnut kernels + fine sugar + milk + vanilla paste with a food processor into a fine paste.

❷Put the chocolate in the oven and soften it into liquid at 60 degrees.

❸Stir the cocoa powder with a little water to form a rich cocoa liquid, whip the light cream, mix the cocoa liquid, light cream, and melted chocolate evenly, and then mix it evenly with the chestnut paste in the first step.

❹Heat additional 20ml of milk, add gelatin sheets and stir after heating.
Add to the chestnut chocolate liquid from the previous step and mix well.

❺Take a glass, pour the prepared mousse liquid, refrigerate and let it solidify, it will take more than 1 hour.

❻Add fine sugar, lemon juice, and cinnamon powder to the egg whites and beat until stiff and shiny meringue. Add a little chopped chestnuts and mix evenly to increase the flavor.

❼Put the meringue into the mousse cup, toast the egg whites with a spray gun, and finally decorate with cinnamon sticks~