French Classic | Confit de canard

Hello, fellow food lovers! Today I would like to introduce a mouth-watering French delicacy - Confit de canard (slow cooked duck leg).
Confit de canard is a traditional dish from southwestern France that features duck legs in olive oil and duck fat that are slowly roasted and cooked until the meat is cooked and pulled. The meat is tender, juicy, and rich, making this dish a classic for French family dinners and holiday dinners.

Here are the steps to make the Confit de canard:


- 4 duck legs
- 400 g duck fat
- 200 g olive oil
- 5 cloves of garlic, chopped
- 2 spice bags (made from a mix of allspice, parsley, thyme and rosemary)
- A pinch of salt and black pepper


1. place the duck legs in a saucepan with the duck fat and olive oil, bring to the boil and reduce the heat.
2. add the garlic, spice bag and a pinch of salt and black pepper and stir well.
3. cook for about 3 hours, until the duck is cooked through.

Confit de canard is a very tasty dish that can be served with assorted vegetables or potatoes. If you love French cuisine and want to challenge yourself with a classic dish, then Confit de canard is definitely worth trying!