Hally Metal Tips: Stainless steel sink cleaning & maintenance method

 Maintaining a stainless steel sink may seem like a daunting task, but with the right methods, it can be done with ease ensuring its longevity. Here, we will introduce you to the method of maintaining your stainless steel sink using some simple steps.

1. The first step in this maintenance method involves wiping the stainless steel sink clean. For this, you would need a damp cloth and a few grams of cleaning powder. Apply the cleaning powder on the damp cloth and thoroughly wipe the surface of the sink. This will help to remove any dirt, stains, or grease that may have accumulated on the sink's surface.

2. Once the sink has been thoroughly wiped, the next step is to wash it with water. This will help to rinse off the cleaning powder and any residual dirt or stains. After washing, it's important to dry the surface of the sink with a clean towel. This step is crucial as leaving the sink wet could lead to water spots or even rust, which can damage the surface of your stainless steel sink over time.

3. The third step in this maintenance method involves coating the surface of the sink with protective oil. Once the stainless steel sink is completely dry, take a clean cotton cloth and dip it in a little protective oil. Apply this oil evenly on the surface of the sink. The protective oil serves as a barrier against potential damage, preserving the sink's shine and preventing tarnish.

4. After applying the protective oil, wait for a few minutes. This allows the oil to penetrate the surface and provide maximum protection. Once the oil has had a chance to sit, wipe off any excess oil on the surface of the sink. This will leave your sink looking bright and shiny.