Purchase methods and precautions of stainless steel kitchen supplies

Kitchenware is a necessity of life, so long-term durability is a matter of people's consideration, and it is also related to health issues. Selection is crucial. At present, the longest used material is stainless steel. All the friends who buy kitchenware have some doubts. Is stainless steel kitchenware good? What should I pay attention to when using it?

How to buy stainless steel tableware


Firstly, choose a reliable brand of stainless steel kitchenware. In the laboratory testing process, there will be a very small amount of stainless steel tableware containing lead, cadmium and arsenic, which are three serious toxic and harmful elements. The materials used in these stainless steels may be derived from recycled scrap steel.Therefore, we must choose reliable brands strictly, and we must not believe in spreading goods and unlicensed goods.

Secondly, stainless steel kitchenware is not corrosion resistant in all cases. In the brine, stainless steel may also be corroded, lose its shiny appearance, and pose safety risks. Therefore, all stainless steel tableware should be cleaned with detergent and dried after use; in order to prevent corrosion, stainless steel spoons and forks should not be soaked in beverages for a long time. Do not use stainless steel containers to store food overnight (except for dried fruits, etc.).