Stainless steel kitchen goodies to share
When you have experienced the joy of using stainless steel kitchen, you might start considering upgrade your cookware and other utility tools in your kitchen as well. Here, introducing some useful tools that could help your cooking experience even better!
Measuring spoons: six sizes, magnetically absorbable to each other
Table spoon: cute shape, easy to use for eating and drinking soup
Plate Clamp: Take vegetables from the steamer
Anti-scalding clips: Remove plates from the microwave or small steamer
Skimming spoon: The handle and spoon surface are at 90 degrees for better skimming
Oil residue scoop: ultra-thin design, can be stacked and stored with the skimming spoon
Spoon: It has a diversion port and is suitable for scooping and pouring soup.
BBQ skewers: No need to soak bamboo skewers in advance for barbecue
Food clip: long handle suitable for turning over in the oven, with lock for easy storage
Meal-sharing tongs: One side is toothed and the other side is curved. It’s great for scooping noodles, eggs and serving salads.
Anti-splash net: No fear of oil splashing when frying
Paring Knife: Hole-digging design, can even peel thin skin
Bone-pulling tweezers: used for pulling out fine bones when processing fish meat.
Masher: good for making a little complementary food
Funnel: distributes seasonings, especially oil, without spilling them everywhere
Strainer: Strain the egg liquid, mesh-shaped but with a strong tip
Egg beater: both large and small models are easy to use
Garlic press: ergonomic handle, suitable for small quantities
Deodorizing soap: remove fishy smell from hands after cooking seafood
Cup brush: The brush head is replaceable and the handle can be disassembled and washed
Dish-washing brush: beautiful, the handle can be detached for washing
Stainless steel ice cubes: drinking cold drinks without affecting the taste
Ear-mounted coffee stand: adds height to the cup, and the ear-mounted bag will not be soaked in water