The Christmas Dinner Rules: How to Nail the Perfect Meal
Cheese platter in the center 🧀
Mulled red wine on the side 🍷
Burrata cheese as an appetizer🥗
Beef for the grand finale 🐮
【Mulled wine】
One orange, half of it sliced, half of it juiced and eight cloves pressed on the skin, one apple, one pear each sliced, add whatever red wine to a pot and cook on low heat for fifteen minutes, remove from the pot and insert a cinnamon stick, rosemary, and honey into the cup.

【Fig Burrata】
A Burrata in the center of the plate, figs cut into thin slices around the circle, cut some pistachio crushed sprinkled in, randomly spread a few pieces of basil leaves and drizzled with honey to be able to

 【Cheese board】
Prepare a good-looking plate, buy two kinds of cold cuts of meat in the center (salami and ham), two kinds of cheese cut triangular pieces on the left and right areas, the other gaps with the following ingredients to fill, fill the more full the better: green raisins, red raisins, blueberries, raspberries, figs, slices of baguettes, lye cookies (any of the above you choose to eat it on the can)